Fee Schedule

School Fees

The school fees is to be paid according to the circular sent to them through their wards. Students seeking admission to the school, at the time of admission first installment will deposit in the school office according to the instructions. All subsequent installments will be deposited according to the instrutions sent through the circulars. Fees is to be paid for all the 12 months of the year. In case fees is not paid up to the last date fixed, the defaulter's name will be struck off the rolls and re-admission may be allowed by the school authorities only the seats are available and that too on payment of all the arrears of fees, re-admission fees etc. Fee will be received according to the following schedule : 


Fee Payment Schedule

Fee will received on or before 12th of specefic month only at school counter according to the following :
  • Payable upto 12 April -- April Fee + Annual Charges
  • Payable upto 12 May -- May and June Fee
  • Payable upto 12 July -- July Fee + Exam. Fee
  • Payable upto 12 August -- August Fee
  • Payable upto 12 September -- September Fee
  • Payable upto 12 October -- October Fee
  • Payable upto 12 November -- November Fee
  • Payable upto 12 December -- December & January Fee
  • Payable upto 12 January -- February & March Fee
Note :                       * Fee will be deposited upto 12th of the due month without fine and after 12th, a fine @ Rs. 5/- per day                                           will be charged upto end of the due month & thereafter a fine @ Rs. 10/- per day will be charged till
                                     the fees is deposited.
                                 * Fee once paid is non refundable & transferable under any circumstances.